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Contour Measuring Machine

Contracer CV-2100 Series

Product Information

CONTRACER CV-2100 Series is a contour measuring system with remarkable operability and functionality revolutionize contour measuring systems and enable measurement that is fast, accurate and easy.



  • The operation flow is significantly shortened by arranging the controls for stylus position change, measurement start / stop and return on the front of the drive unit.
  • Fine and coarse X-axis positioning can be performed easily by using the jog shuttle that covers the whole measuring range.
  • The quick-vertical-motion stand allows operators to swiftly and easily move the drive unit to and from the measurement height without having to push or pull. Moreover, this stand is equipped with a stop for quick repositioning to the measurement height, which ensures an easy and highly efficient measurement flow.
  • By enabling faster X-axis movement and enhancing the stylus up/down functions, the drive unit can return to the measurement start position after auto-displacement of the stylus. This is especially useful when multi-location (multiple-unit) measurement is being executed by a part program.
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