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FORMTRACEPAK functions offer total support for measurement system control, surface roughness analysis, contour analysis, contour tolerancing, and inspection report creation.



  • To make only a single measurement, you can create a part program in the single mode. To measure multiple workpieces of an identical shape, you can use the teaching mode. Since you can embed the entire flow, from making measurement to printing a report, into a part program, you can efficiently make measurements, analyze data, and output a report. A function is also provided that enables you to insert comments accompanied with photographs at desired timings, enabling you to embed the roles described in a measurement procedure document that specifies important points such as work settings. The items displayed in the measurement procedure window can be directly modified. You can, for example, perform new analyses by modifying the evaluation setup or roughness standard. 
  • FORMTRACEPAK can perform surface roughness analyses that conform to various standards such as ISO, JIS ANSI, and VDA. For comparing the measurement values with the tolerance limits, you can use the 16% rule or the maximum value rule. Furthermore, since FORMTRACEPAK comes with parameter calculation functions as well as a rich set of graphic analysis functions, it can be widely utilized for everything from routine quality control to R&D applications. It also includes many other functions, such as the function for eliminating (compensating) shapes, such as slopes and R-surface, and a data deletion function. 
  • This function can calculate steps and surface areas from the roughness data. Furthermore, as with the contour analysis function, a rich set of calculation commands that combine various elements, such as points, lines, and circles, to calculate angles, pitches, and distances are provided as standard features.
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