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Durometers for Sponge, Rubber, and Plastic

Hardmatic HH-300 Series

Product Information

Hardmatic HH-300 Series is a durometer for sponge, rubber, and plastic. The Hardmatic HH-300 Series includes a slim and easy-to-handle long type and a compact type that fits easily in your hand. Both types have 2 types of display specifications, analog and digital. Various kinds of sample can be tested for hardness, from soft sponge to hard plastic. Also, various measurement locations on the specimen can be used, such as a flat surface, a hole, or the bottom of a groove.


Long type

The the long type has a slender cylindrical shape (ø24 x 85mm). Due to this it can measure hardness at the bottom of grooves or holes as well as exposed surfaces. Also, hardness measurement can be performed while keeping your hands and face away from the specimen surface. This is essential when the surface temperature is high: for example immediately after molding. 


Compact type

The compact body fits snugly into your palm for ease of measurement.

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