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Rebound Type Portable Hardness Tester

Hardmatic HH-411

Product Information

HH-411 is a rebound type portable hardness tester for metal with a compact body and high operability. It allows anyone to perform hardness testing easily at the touch of a key, so it can be used widely on various components in the field.



  • In addition to the general-purpose detector (D type) supplied as standard equipment, the detector lineup includes rich variations (sold separately) to support special applications. The DC type is provided for hardness testing of internal walls of pipes with diameters that cannot be tested with the D type, the D+15 type for bearings and gears, and the DL type for small areas such as the bottom of small gears and weld corners. 
  • For the rebound type hardness tester, gravity affects the measurement result depending on the orientation of the detector relative to the vertical when pressed against the specimen surface. The HH-411 is equipped with the latest measurement technology that automatically detects the orientation of the detector to automatically correct for this effect. For this reason, the setting for orientation of the detector is not required. 
  • Only a small surface (standard D type: ø22mm, separately sold DL type: ø4mm) area is required for hardness testing. Therefore the HH-411 can be used for testing of various specimen shapes such as around grooves and gear teeth. 
  • The basic operation is to press the detector against the sample surface and push the detector button by your finger, just like clicking a ballpoint pen, so it is easy for anyone to do.
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