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Linear Gage - High-accuracy/resolution Type


Product Information

LGH (0.01/0.005 μm resolution) Series is a High-accuracy/resolution Type Linear Gage. 



  • This series has achieved very high accuracy combined with a resolution of 0.01/ 0.005 μm (according to model), practically equivalent to that of a laser interferometer, and a wide measuring range of 10 mm. 
  • A compact body design makes a significant contribution to a downsizing of this gage itself, which is best suited for calibration/evaluation of master gages as well as measurement of high-precision parts and as a length measuring sensor incorporated into high-precision positioning/control units. 
  • A low measuring force model is available for those applications where measurement of easily deformed or damaged workpieces is required. 
  • Every LGH series gage is bundled with a dedicated counter.
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