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MACH Series

Product Information

The MACH series is Mitutoyo's in-line CNC coordinate measuring system that meets the requirement to operate around the clock in a factory is the structural design: with due consideration given to superior durability for stable operations, significant reduction in measuring time, accuracy assurance under a wide range of temperature environments, security and ease of maintenance.. The proof is the fact that this series has established trust and a track record, particularly in the automobile industry at home and abroad.



MACH-V substitutes a flexible measurement system for a series of gauge measurements on a powertrain manufacturing line. The high acceleration, high-speed probe movement results in high-throughput measurement.



This is a horizontal CNC coordinate measuring system that achieves high throughput by increased drive speed, acceleration, and measuring speed. Space-saving and durability characteristics are compatible with line-side/in-line installation.


MACH Ko-ga-me

MACH Ko-ga-me can be used in standalone applications or integrated into work cells. If required, the system can measure workpiece features that exceed the Ko-ga-me’s X-stroke by mounting the workpiece, or the Ko-game, on an auxiliary X-axis.

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