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High-precision Roundness/Cylindricity Measuring System

Roundtest RA-H5200 Series

Product Information

ROUNDTEST RA-H5200 Series is a Roundness/Cylindricity Measuring System with high-performance automatic system equipped with a high-speed automatic centering/leveling function achieves the world's highest-level of accuracy. 



  • High-speed automatic centering/ leveling function contributes to a significant reduction in the man-hours required for setups.
  • A fully automatic system which performs processing automatically from part program calling, centering/leveling, measurement, calculation, all the way through to printing. 
  • Capable of continuous inside/outside diameter measurement without changing the detector orientation (up to 50 mm ID).
  • The automatic positioning function of the turntable enables automatic measurement in combination with table rotation and slider / column movement. 
  • Advanced graphical analysis such as a power spectrum chart is available.
  • A sliding mechanism is incorporated in the detector holder.
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