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Vision System Retrofit for Microscopes

Vision Unit

Product Information

The Vision Unit aids in image processing, such as automatic edge detection, offers more efficient and accurate measurements, reducing the operator-dependent variation (reproducibility).



  • The vision unit allows anyone to perform quicker and more repeatable detection of an edge with just one click, resulting in much better reproducibility of dimension measurement among a group of operators. Also, using the vision unit eliminates the need for burdensome workpiece orientating and measuring-point detection with cross-hairs, thus allowing quicker inspection of dimensions.
  • Upsizing of the image sensor has made the view approximately 40% wider than previously in both the X and Y directions, thus allowing concurrent observation of the whole extent of many more target areas than before.
  • A normal 0.4X display image can be magnified to a 1X or 2X image by merely clicking the corresponding menu icon. The image can be measured in fine detail using the digital zoom display.
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