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Aerospace Industry Solution

To support the development and production of 

Aerospace Industry

The manufacture of essential aircraft components require high-precision measuring equipments.

The commercial sector of the Aerospace Industry is one of the most important today that transports not only people across the globe to their destinations, but also essential goods and services. In this industry, it is vital to have the highest reliability in terms of function and safety, and requires 100% inspection of every essential component.

Support & Development and Production of Aerospace Industry   
by Mitutoyo Measuring Equipments


The aircraft turbine blade in the engine helps to propel the plane forward, while the air-impeller engine is arranged vertically in the aircraft frame to provide vertical thrust for vertical takeoff and landing.

Airflow over and around the blades directly impacts the amount of thrust produced. An impeller consists of multiple blades machined as a whole part. To do fast and accurate measurements on an impeller requires an extremely flexible measuring machine like Mitutoyo CRYSTA-Apex EX1200R, using infinite rotational angle positioning to reach almost all locations.

Featured Measuring Product:

Coordinate Measuring Machine – CRYSTA-Apex EX1200R Series

CRYSTA-Apex EX 1200R series products are advanced CNC CMMs equipped with the REVO 5-axis scanning probe that delivers high performance scanning and surface finish analysis on a single CMM.






Aerospace components requires the strict control of the products that can be used. 

Mitutoyo's MeasurLink Data Management solution bring unmatched accuracy and data collection to aerospace component measurement, improving verification and traceability.


Featured Data Management Product:

Measurement Data Network System – MeasurLink

MeasurLink is Mitutoyo’s data collection and Statistical Process Control software solution. It is the ideal solution to automate and centralize data collection, analyze inspection data, measure processes, reduce scrap and improve customer relations.





The internal structure of aircraft body. The aircraft body is the central body of an airplane, connecting the wings and tail assembly. Designed to accommodate the crew, passengers, and cargo. 

The SpaceTrac Series, a laser tracking system, accurately measures the profile dimensions of the aircraft body on-site, with minimal transport and movement of the components.


Featured Measuring Product:

Coordinate Measuring Machine – SpaceTrac Series

The SpaceTrac Series, a laser tracking system, is the coordinate measuring machine for large structures. Ensuring large profiles with the best qualty dimensional inspection.


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